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The Mama Shore Blog is a cathartic little space that I invite you to idly mooch around. It’s a real space that rambles through my open & honest discoveries of parenthood and life around it. Labelled a geriatric mum (thanks NHS), I am determined to find fun, creative and vibrant ways to navigate my way through this rollercoaster journey. ¬†Hopefully you’ll find something that will ring true with you and encourage you to connect with others, have fun and find support to inspire you on this unpredictable and amazing journey of parenthood. Rather than finding the picture-perfect way to parent, it’s about finding the right way for you.

A bit about me and how this blog started………

I’m Louise. A very-late-30’s mama of two full-of-beans little characters – one lively little lady and one wrinkly puggle Walter.

Currently on Maternity leave I’ve swapped the day job to be a full-time mum for a year, a big change from my day job as brand & business manager for an accessories company based in London.

Now living in a quiet, little village in Oxfordshire, loneliness and isolation were one of my biggest fears before becoming a mum. I had overcome a challenging journey of fertility and anxiety to have our little lady (a story for another time) and found solace in social media and online groups to get me through our secret journey. This lead me to my unexpected connection and addiction with Instagram which provided inspiration and virtual friendships to counter act some of the worries of loneliness as a new mum. My posts also helped to create easier conversation-starters with my new real-life mum friends on and offline at times when we were feeling a bit fragile, anxious or lost as new parents.

It was these engagements that sparked my desire to create this blog.

You can follow the journey of MamaShore via our weekly blog and Instagram posts.



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